In Loving Memory

Never did I know you much,father-Daughter-holding-hands

But I still do miss you in my life,

How I wish for just one more moment,

I would hug you and say I love you.


Has life been cruel or has it been kind,

It did not leave any memories behind,

Every wisp of memory eludes me,

16 years have gone by and my tears have still not run dry.


One more walk holding your hand,

Paralyze that second, let it stand,

Tell you my story and who I am,

Will you be proud or will you be sad?


Tell me your stories one more time,

Let me hear you laugh and see you smile,

Waiting by the door to see you coming through,

Time walks by and I’m still waiting for you.


There’s a feeling I’ve locked inside,

Its an emptiness that buries me alive,

No matter how much I cry,

I will still miss you till I’m by your side.


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