Love and lost, than not love at all

This thing about love has always fascinated me. Since the time of adam and eve, love has starred as one of the primary characters in the twisted story of mankind. Sometimes the hero who saves the day and at other times the villain hidden behind the mask of betrayal and jealousy. Endlessstories, poems and all forms of literature has been dedicated to this single emotion, the emotion that ultimately defines how much man longs for a companion.

From the days of true love I have come a long way. And in my life too love has prevailed in all its different costumes. Sometimes it has been my only hope when all around me seems to be engulfed in darkness. And there are those times when it has been the reason for the darkness. And the fact is that I am no unique form of existence who has experience this feeling, I am just one of the many.

And despite all that we feel, the hurt the pain the desertion the fear, we still want more of it.   All for those moments of joy, the feeling of having someone by your side maybe because in our hearts we all know the one person we don’t want to invite in our lives in loneliness.

And for this one reason I believe that as long as there is man there will also be writings of love. And the beauty of love is no matter how many times you hear the stories from other people, the moment love creeps into your life you would never remember the warnings or the pain. All you know is a feeling close to divinity. And you may try to run as far as you can but once you have experienced it there is no turning back.

And that is why mankind believes, rightly believes: its better to have loved and lost than not love at all.


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