A Coffin of Expectations

From the moment you are born you are not exactly alone as people claim.  Your birth is accompanied by the all imposing presence of – Expectations. Ranging from loved ones to career to friends family and even yourself, life becomes tombed in a coffin of expectations.

Being the most advanced species in the planet we also seem to be the most miserable. We seem weary all the time… Whats my purpose? Why am I here? What did I achieve? What will I achieve? Its an endless tirade of questions. And through all of this we forget to live. It was beautifully said that man’s greatest fear is that of being forgotten. And we strive through our minuscule lives trying to create something that we would be remembered for.

But sometimes you realize, that in the timeline of the universe we are just a moment. And you have spent that moment, that precious moment living upto the expectations of society- a society that can be most condescending of our actions, who thrive on our fears and failures.

Is it worth it? The misery we put ourselves through for the acceptance of others? Sometimes we get so lost in the thoughts of others that the picture we had for our own lives get blurred. We forget the most important expectation- To Live, and live content….

This contentment may come from being a good friend, travelling and seeing places, click a picture of something that caught your mind, bring a smile on someone’s face, fall in love, lose love and fall in love again….. Its about making life special for yourself. And when the day comes and you turn to dust, is your spirit free cause you lived life or are your just a corpse in a coffin of expectations…….


3 thoughts on “A Coffin of Expectations

  1. tfaswift

    Very nice post. I agree totally. People waste their life trying to impress others and be popular etc. I don’t mind if I die and nobody remembers me, as long as I was happy with my choices and I was kind to others.

    1. espirt Post author

      hey thanks.. im completely new to blogging so its really nice to know someone out there in the large expanse of people actually read and liked my writing…
      don we all hope that we are happy with are choices? it seems the best thing to do at the time but unfortunately at that moment, the decision making moment, we are always blinded to the larger picture… And when the moment passes we can just hope that the choice was rite…

  2. bibinrkoff

    I think we should not be engulfed by expectations, but we should focus on doing what we believe in – every individual in their own way, on doing things that can create reforms that would lead to a better way of living. Its only through pain and struggle do you understand the true value of anything that you have. This is the base on which you build your life.(this is my opinion, not that I expect anyone to follow it.) Once you have treaded on this path, then the same things that you possessed earlier has more meaning. And, its from here that contentment truly arises.

    Contentment is a very relative term and momentary and selfish in a way – it says ” I want to be content”. Whatever we earn should be used in the development of society for a better tomorrow. All of us brag about morality, but the strength required to be moral and to keep away from bad behaviour requires a lot of courage. We are not going to take any money with us when we die, but we are expected to leave what we earned for our children. I think that should not be done. What the parents earned is theirs and not the child’s and vice versa. By passing on family wealth you are actually taking away the child’s perspective to understand difficulty and the true meaning of being alive. Its to serve the people who are in need.Everyone should ask themselves these questions, how many times have I actually gone to an orphange, how often do i speak to others and try to understand their problems, how often do we try to understand others pain, how often do we only want to be content without thinking is the other person content as well, how often do we share. Its just not easy to inculcate these traits( I am not asking you these questions, I am asking these questions to the society). It has to come from within. And to be honest, I am not doing these things to my heart’s content, though I am doing it, i become selfish at times.

    Yes, I would like to travel, but when I know that the money I earned has made the life of someone meaningful. True love definitely gives meaning to life, but its not everything in life. No man or woman is worth it in the end. In the end what I have understood is I know nothing in life, I am too small to understand the pain of what others are going through and hence, humbly would like to lead a life that serves others without the compulsion that I have to serve. It is my own choice and I am willing to take the pain that comes with it – it makes life content, and like my friend told me even to lift a dead body you need four people. If you arent able to earn the respect and love of 4 people then we have not earned anything in life.



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