A Plunge of Faith

Falling in love may not be new to many of us and neither is the pain of losing it. The emptiness of existence and the lonely spaces are Leap Of Faithnow more comforting, a strange friend. Maybe because the joys of life can be very fickle and the sorrow stands by our side much longer. There is no fear in sorrow just pain… and many times the pain is better than the anguish you feel when you lose the one you love.

As you move on with life supported by the loneliness, once in a while we hit crossroads in our long journey. Someone comes along, someone special, cause Life thought its worth giving you a chance. And for a moment you sway and at that moment the turmoil starts. Do you continue with life in the misery and loneliness but with the confidence that nothing could hurt you more or do you be brave, re-write your dreams and give another person the chance?
Many of us decide to give the new person a chance because having someone in your life is like the rains that bring life back to a painfully scorching existence. But when we walk down this path, we don’t come alone, we carry with us all the baggage from our past. All our apprehensions, fears, notions and most importantly our expectations… Expecting the person to do something wrong, expecting yourself to do something wrong, expecting circumstances to do something wrong and we suffocate all the possibilities. Like a pathological ex-lover, our past traces our every move,  feeds on our confidence and our trust and leaves us haunted by our failure and mistakes. Crippled and lost, even if we had a chance, we are blinded by the pain of the past.
Moving on in life, growing past our failures and learning from our mistakes is not easy. Its even tougher when we have the eyes of family, friends and all we love and hold dear, dissecting every one of our actions (even though they mean us well). Even if we would love to forget-  people, places, a picture or even a smell could bring back memories that paralyze our very being and make us question our every action.
At times like this all we can can do is look within us, to a spirit deep within us and take a Plunge of Faith. There really is no magic solution other than to take that plunge, and it will hurt when you first hit the water, but when you get past the suffocation and the fear of drowning and let the possibilities flow – the possibility that someone would breathe you back to life, if you did suffocate, the possibility that someone will pull you out and not let you drown, then Life truly becomes Beautiful.
So take a Plunge and Let Life do the Rest….

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