Footprints Divine

Maybe its her glowing eyesImage
Or just could be her soulful smile
Her hair that curtains her precious face
An image of beauty i can’t erase
Moulded in a casket of patience
A temperament to calm the wild soul
The divine spirit has been gracious
To send an angel from above
At times when anger takes its grasp
Her beautiful eyes are set ablaze
tears of indignation stream down her face
She’s an ethereal life drowning me in her grace
As love caresses the tip of her lips
There dawns a smile you cant resist
Shades of red, colour her cheeks
Her hidden eyes look up for a peek
She is the light that wipes darkness away
She is the beauty giving you a reason to stay
She’s the angel who keeps the loneliness at bay
She’s like having rain in the months of may

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