The Fickle Flame

I am fire, the fire so certain to burn out all
I am the fire, the fire so weak you can blow me away

It comes and it goes
The joy, the pleasure… purpose and passion
It come and it goes
The pain, the loss… suffering and emptiness
It comes and it goes and I wonder which is real

I look into your eyes and I am so sure
Its you that gives me balance – a place in this world
But I look away, close my eyes
And I know my place – just me and my Soul

My nest, my family..
The comforting dreams of you and me
But I crave the adventure and uncertainty
I yearn to fly on the wings of infinite freedom

I fall asleep planning for a great tomorrow
The purpose, the drive – it flows through my veins
And then I wake up – lost and empty
Why the purpose? Why wake up at all?

I am confusion, I am clarity
I am treachery, I am truth
I am pain, I am pleasure
I am incomplete and yet I am whole…


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